Good Splod! What on Earth is that?

Read Neil Gaiman’s latest today! Imaginative, funny and quite looney: Fortunately, the Milk is all of the above. Also, it has inventor/professor Dinosaurs, aliens-with-designer-frenzy, intergalactic police, pirates, a volcano God as well as volcano God-worshippers, and a father trying really hard to impress his kids. Also, of course, there is Milk. Milk saves the universe you know…

Think of a lighter, more whimsical A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for children, expertly illustrated with sketchy, charming squiggly-lined detail by Skottie Young.
I got my copy at the always wonderful Uppsala English Bookshop, in exchange for a blogpost on their webpage in October on the subject of Gaiman as an author of children’s books.
And I must say, it’s quite the read. Apart from me wishing that the gender-roles had not been so overly conservative when it came to the two kids (the little sister being into Ponies as well as swooning over misunderstood ‘wumpires’ in Twilight (I mean Bitelight), while the brother is instead the doubting, ‘clever’ kind, questioning the possibilities of piranha’s in the ocean as they are fresh-water fish…) I would say this is a great adventure for the whole family.

Now go have a glass of milk and be thankful we don’t have pink flamingo forests.


(Harper, 2013)

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